Possessor [2009] CD

  • Possessor [2009] CD

Limited Edition Vinyl looking CD

This isn't just music people - it's Heavy Metal wizardry. Like nothing your eyes have ever seen – or your ears ever heard – before.

This is the album Rusty Eye have been hinting they had inside them since 2006. Live At The Joint, Cryogenic EP and Stendhal Syndrome all showed that not only were the LA trio past masters at their respective instruments, but also well versed in a wide range of musical genres. That much remains true, of course, but Possessor is arguably the ultimate synthesis of all those strands. What on paper may sound bewildering – thrash, metal, '70s rock, prog – is in fact beguiling, and fits the album's existential lyrical themes hand in glove. The two-pronged vocal assault of Miss Randall and Mr Rust has never sounded so damn potent, bringing every composition to life. Or should that be death? Either way, if you've never heard Rusty Eye, then it's guaranteed that you'll have never heard an album quite like this before.

Calum Harvie
Zero Tolerance Magazine)

Guest Appearances:
Claudio Simonetti - tracks 3 and 6 (keyboards)
Waldemar Sorychta - tracks 8 and 12 (guitar solo, keyboards)
Alex Mitchell - track 4 (vocals)