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Rust n' Roll [2001] CD

  • Rust n' Roll [2001] CD

An essential snapshot of where Rusty Eye were at the turn of the century: the groundwork being laid for what was to come some years later.

Although known these days for being based in Los Angeles, California, Rusty Eye trace their roots to the mid-'90s and Mexico City. After a slew of demo releases and live recordings, this is their debut album proper. Groove-laden, you can hear Mr Rust's different influences at play here - early Maiden, garage punk, elements of early cross-over (DRI, Suicidal Tendencies...), among others. Those familiar with the way in which the band progressed subsequently will notice a looser vibe at work here, not to mention a different vocal approach. But the key elements of Mr Rust's visions are here to be found - existential nightmares, death and gore - as is the hint of his musical ambitions which were to be realised just a few years later.

By Calum Harvie
Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)