Live at The Rainbow MMX [2010] CD

  • Live at The Rainbow MMX [2010] CD

15 Years of Rusty Eye unleashed live in its rawest form. Metal never sounded so pure.

Following the DIY spirit Rusty Eye has followed throughout its career, they celebrate 15 years of existence with the release of Live at the Rainbow MMX (recorded in April 2010). Captured in its purest form, in front of a select number of diehard fans taking part of this historical occasion, this is the Rusty Eye show their fans could not miss out on taking part of. The first time any musical act has ever recorded a live record at the World Famous Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, California, this release is for hardcore Rusty Eye fans – capturing its raw intensity in its purest form along with those who were on hand to experience this. Over 70 minutes long and recorded in multi-track by Yuri Anisonyan (Fireball Ministry, My Ruin), produced by band drummer Miss Randall, and cover art by Farron Loathing (Lightning Swords of Death) - Live at the Rainbow spans Rusty Eye’s career with songs from every release (Rust N Roll, the Cryogenic mini CD, Stendhal Syndrome & Possessor), they captured the historic evening…and not letting anything stopping them from giving their fans a piece of that historic night. The show must go experience the wrath of Rusty Eye!